It’s not rocket science

How can we pay every individual an unconditional basic income in these days of austerity?

How can we afford not to more like it

There are enough “resources” on the planet to meet every individuals basic needs.

So we should do it.

Entrepreneurs could then decide to “produce” the extra “luxury” stuff that people “demand”

The people who “demand” these luxury goods, would need to use their time to get involved in the process of “producing” these goods, in order to earn the extra money required to buy them.

Job done.

Why do we need an unconditional basic income?

We are born onto a planet that provides us with all the basics to live, free of charge, food, water, shelter etc…..

But now those resources are “owned”.

Therefore you can no longer use these resources that are “freely provided by the planet” if you dont have man made concept of “money”.

There’s a simple sane solution.

Everyone, no exceptions, no means testing, gets the basics to survive and after that you can choose to do extra stuff to make your life better.


Who’s manipulating the employment figures?

According to the latest figures, there are 2.34 million unemployed in this country, however, Government figures reveal 600,000 vacant places, of this, 350,000 are in doubt…

Does this mean, 2million unemployed…. won’t get a job ??

Yet, benefits are stopped….”

Unconditional Basic Income creates Full Employment…….Overnight!!

UK General Election 2015 – Vote BIG

Knighthoods £2 Life Peerages £1

I read this story in yesterdays Daily Mirror about Mr Cameron giving peerages to a couple of people who had donated to the Tory Party.

They cost a lot mind, £2.6 Million in Tory Party donations

So we would like to do the same but for a lot less.

We would like to offer You a life peerage for a £1 donation or you can upgrade to a knighthood for just £2.

This will help us to pay the 600 deposits of £500 each, required for us to stand in every constituency in the next General Election May 2015.

Free elections my arse!!!!!

If we win back any of these deposits, which we fully expect to do, you can ask for your money back, but still keep your peerage or knighthood.

If you don’t ask for your donation money back, we will donate it all to the NHS

However, there seems to be a small problem.

It’s apparently illegal to sell “honours” because of the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925

So it looks like our cunning plan to raise party funds is a non starter, but that being the case

How is Mr Cameron able to get away with it?

Can anyone help?

Edit: how about we promise to repeal the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925 and offer knighthoods to anyone who donates £1 to the BIG Party. Retrospectively

Would that be legal?

Progressive Mayor + Bristol Pound = End of Austerity Bullshit

So Bristol Mayor George Ferguson is still allowing himself to be bullied into pushing through Central Government Cuts.

If only Bristolians had elected a Mayor who would have “made all council tax, housing benefit and council contract payments only payable in Bristol Pounds, thereby massively expanding the circulation of the Bristol Pound” Bristol would effectively be in control of its own money supply, and austerity would be history, with Bristol pioneering the way yet again……..oh well

NEW POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT: We will “Cut MP Pay in Half” and “Abolish MP Expenses”


We will “Cut MP Pay in Half” and “Abolish MP Expenses”. Any MP with a net worth of more than £1/2 Million will recieve No Salary At All.

Question: You expect MP’s to run a constituency office, from their own pocket, and on £30k? What about MP’s who live in constituencies outside London?

Answer: Being an MP is a vocation, not a career.

Constituency offices will be staffed by civil servants, provided and paid for by HM Government. Creating local employment opportunities.

We will then use the £14 million a year saved on MP’s pay, to buy 600 Government owned fully furnished 3 bedroom houses in Reading.

Any MP living beyond “commutable distance” to london can stay, rent free, in these Government owned houses. These houses will be an hours commute on the train. Many members of the general public have a commute of over an hour every day.

We did consider putting them all in one hotel in Reading but its a huge security risk, there’d be no soap left or towels, the thieving bstards…..

Of course, none of these houses will have a TV, because people on benefits shouldn’t have tellys.

Also any MP not needing all 3 bedrooms will have to pay the Bedroom Tax.

Next Question Please?