Austerity. Europe. Immigration. Every UKIP Argument DEMOLISHED!!!


    Why should some MP in Clacton vote on laws that affect the people of Bristol?

    The people of Bristol pay millions to the bureaucrats in Westminster.

    We need independence. Anyone know a party of the people offering us independence from the wasters in Westminster?

    £28 million a year in salaries alone. That’s before expenses.

    Why should Bristolians pay the extortionate wages of an MP in Clacton?


    7 Yes or No questions I asked my local UKIP candidate, that left him speechless.

    Still waiting for his replies

    Immigrants demand stuff. Yes or No.

    Demanding stuff creates work. Yes or No.

    Work creates jobs. Yes or No.

    Jobs create wages. Yes or No.

    Wages create tax revenue. Yes or No.

    Immigrants creates Wealth. Yes or No.

    Immigrants create Jobs. Yes or No.

    Why not try them on yours if you need some peace.


    We already produce enough food to eradicate world hunger.

    Pity there isn’t enough money to pay for it all huh!

  • 7 questions that shut up my UKIP Candidate

    The BIG Political Party:

    Immigrants Create Jobs. Yes or No?


    Originally posted on The BIG Political Party:

    6 Yes or No questions I asked my local UKIP candidate, that left him speechless.

    Still waiting for his replies

    Imigrants demand stuff. Yes or No.

    Demand creates work. Yes or No.

    Work creates jobs. Yes or No.

    Jobs create wages. Yes or No.

    Wages create tax revenue. Yes or No.

    Immigrants creates Wealth. Yes or No.

    Why not try them on yours if you need some peace.

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    12 Reasons to Pay Every Citizen an Unconditional Basic Income

    12 reasons to pay every citizen an Unconditional Basic Income

    1. Abolish benefits trap.

    2. Work always pays.

    3. Freedom, Innovation, Enterprise.

    4. Personal Independence.

    5. Creativity.

    6. Healthier Population.

    7. Reduced NHS Cost.

    8. Better Educated Society.

    9. Flexible Workforce.

    10. People doing what they were born to do.

    11. No more mining for gold using mercury, poisoning your food chain because the miner has to put food on the table.

    12. Less environmental destruction, because people can choose not to work in environmentally destructive jobs if they don’t want to, because they will no longer feel coerced to do any job just to feed their families.

    Think Bigger

    Vote BIG

    Why a massive tax on the richest will benefit everyone. Even the Billionaires!

    The BIG Political Party:

    Opening the debate about money……..

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    We should tax the billionaires much more. Most actually pay little or no tax. The billions of workers on lower wages pay the bulk of the tax raised.

    Capitalism works, but it doesn’t stop working, it keeps on working and will continue to work, funneling money to the top, until there is no more money left to pay back into the system.

    At the moment the workers must work for money, to keep the system going. Soon, because of automation, there will be hardly any jobs, so people will have no money to pump into the system. At this point the system will crash. 

    Billionaires need to get their heads around this and regularly release capital back into the system, via higher taxation. Norway has a high rate band of 76%.  What do billionaires ‘need’ that millionaires can’t afford? 

    We should tax billionaires back to being mere millionaires, put…

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    Do you want to be an MP? Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee Party is recruiting Parliamentary Candidates for UK General Election 2015

    Would you like to become an MP?

    The Unconditional Basic Income Party is currently recruiting Parliamentary Candidates to stand in the UK General Election 2015.

    If you want to stand as a BIG Party Candidate, you will need.

    1. A £500 deposit (returnable if you get at least 5% of the vote)

    2. Approximately £600 to print this Election Pamphlet, which will then be mailed out, free of charge, to every household in your constituency, explaining to them why they should vote for you.

    3. Ten constituency residents, who are on the electoral roll, to nominate you to stand. These people only need to sign your nomination papers, they do not have to vote for you in the actual election.

    We understand that £1100 is a lot of money, but unfortunately elections are not yet free in the UK.

    55 supporters with £20 each would cover the whole cost, and they’d all get £10 back if you recieve at least 5% of the vote.

    Anyway, if you want to stand as a BIG Party Candidate in the UK 2015 General Election, or want to support one of our candidates, please get in touch.

    Many Thanks

    Basic Income – A seasoned idea which is now relevant to Britain.

    Originally posted on Joe Perkins Official:

    While embodying a hive mind of youthful resentment against the establishment, social media site Reddit has made an increasing influence on what we see on our everyday timelines and news tickers. Those only familiar with Facebook or Twitter may still not even be aware of its existence despite its knack of reporting major news stories even before giants like the BBC, Fox News and Russia Today. As well as this it is the source of the entertainment content such as .gifs, YouTube clips and memes which now proliferate the images seen on your laptop or smartphone. The hugely popular Facebook pages ‘I Fucking Love Science’ and ‘The LAD Bible’ are known to recycle zany and amusing Reddit content.

    Cheery sci-fi references and animals aside though, Reddit has demonstrated serious power to instigate social change. When the initial movements of 2011’s ‘Arab Spring’ were reported it created a domino effect which…

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    Inflation and Food Mountains

    I think the arguments of inflation and where will the money come from are very good questions.

    I have come up with some answers that I think resolve the problem but am no expert and am open to being wrong.

    However I think the really important question which goes a lot deeper than these questions is

    “We produce more than enough food to eradicate world hunger, pity there isn’t enough money to pay for it all”

    I think asking “How do we find the money to pay everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?” is like reading the above quote and saying “Yeah, so how do we find the money to do it?”

    Surely we should be saying “doesn’t this show that our current system not only isn’t working, its insane”

    As for my answers to the inflation question

    No extra money is printed and put into circulation. There will therefore be no extra inflation, hyper or otherwise.

    As for the question of “wages inflation”

    Free Market Forces means vital jobs increase in pay , less vital jobs decrease in pay and non vital jobs disappear altogether creating a surplus of labour, which reduces labour costs as well. UBI also means anyone earning extra in “paid work” is always better off than anyone just living on UBI, solving the “benefits trap” Everybody wins