Bstards Campaign Update 29 June 2012 – The Story Of The £10 Note

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Surely this proposed handout just encourages laziness rather than hard work & social mobility?

So 2 days ago I recieved this message on twitter
“Surely this proposed handout just encourages laziness rather than hard work & social mobility?”

I think this is a very interesting question and probably one of the most common concerns people will have and I’d like to fully address it here.

First of all I usually ask 2 questions of my own

1. Define “work”?

2. So are you saying, if you recieved £15,000 basic income, which you would, because every adult gets it, you wouldn’t work?

3. If you think people wouldn’t work, why does anyone currently bother working to earn more than £15,000 a year at the moment?

All I’m proposing is a different way of putting money into the economy. Rather than private banks creating it from thin air, then lending it at interest, or the Bank of England creating it from thin air and “Quanitatively Easing” into the economy, or better still finding £140Billion from thin air to bailout the banks.

Why not put this money in peoples pockets, let them spend it into the economy, and let the true free market economy do the rest…

If work is about earning a wage, why is there a term “voluntary work”? voluntary work doesnt recieve a wage.

If work is about “contributing to society”, define contributing, does it matter if the contribution actually creates any value in the world? or is contributing just “doing something”

There are alot of “jobs/work” that dont contribute anything of value to the world as far as I can see it, from the manufacturing of arms and land mines, to call centres.

So what is work?

I think work is doing something you feel passionate about, that contributes something of value to society, and I think the vast majority of people on an unconditional basic income would use their time to do something they are passionate about. I also believe that if we lived in a society where people were passionate about their lives and what they were doing, we would live in a more fulfilled, creative dynamic and peaceful world.

This conversation on twitter is ongoing and I’ll report back more as it continues

Another twitter conversation has also raised the main obstacle to progress on this issue and its this

“thing is there is a large element of theology involved. What happens to people who build their life around this stuff? people who do really feel anxious about this, gathered a little pile over years, & cant do it again. Have to offer security”

What this tweet made me realise is that the majority of people have a huge emotional investment in continuing to believe that the way weve always done it is not only correct, but that its the only way to do it. In my eyes, this is a huge dillusion, but it chalenges them in the same way and would shatter their world in the same way, as it would if I could actually prove, without a doubt, to a christian, that there is definitely not a God.

This is a huge barrier to overcome, and at this moment it seems insurmountable, but at least it stops me getting frustrated with people for “not seeing what I see” and allows me to see the area I need to work on.

“When faced with difficulties, the question is: will we hesitate and stop in our tracks, or will we muster up courage and charge ahead? Herein lies the key to victory or defeat.” Daisaku Ikeda

I’ll charge ahead then 😉

I’m definitely into stage 2 of the campaign as well.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”

Ive recieved these 2 comments recently

“Free entry to Mental Hospital where you could develop your ‘Manifesto’ included”on my recommended manifesto page


“you need to be sectioned mate” in the Evening Post (although this could be the same person for all I know)

If I need to be sectioned, what about our PM

For the life of me I cant understand his comment about jimmy carr being immoral, when his family made their money in tax havens. There has to be a hidden agenda here. I think its their way of finding an excuse for giving tax cuts to the rich in this age of austerity. ie in a “they avoid tax because the tax rates too high, so lets lower it and well all win” type way………………..corrupt self serving lying thieving bstards that they are 😉

Anyway, if we abolished all tax and just taxed all spending then no one could avoid paying tax. It’s very simple

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Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving Bstard

The Impossible Can Happen

It is difficult to give you a sense of the tectonic plate shift which has taken place in the Greek political geology in the last few years. If you can imagine, between now and 2015, the Tories dropping thirty-two percentage points, the LibDems disappearing into seventh place with less than 5 per cent, the BNP securing 18 MPs, the Greens emerging from nowhere to become the main opposition and the prospect of a Tory/Labour coalition, you may get a taste.

The above paragraph, is shamelessly pasted from the article in the following link, from the New Statesman.

I heartily recommend you read the whole article, but even if you don’t, then take great heart from what the above paragraph says, because “the times they are a changing………………”

Full New Statesman Article

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Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving B’stard