"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." – Gandhi

Yippee. So,  it looks like the end of “ignore you” phase and the start of the “ridicule you” phase.

2 days ago I recieved my first “Hustings” invite.

Last night I recieved this “tweet” from a Conservative district councillor and “financial director”.

Nice of him to engage me, just a pity “BBC Question Time” haven’t done the same.Yet (!)

Question 1. Pay every adult £15,000 unconditional basic income…..”Don’t tell me its a right, or something equally ridiculous? Why?”

Question 2. “Where’s does the money come from? Trees? Or thin air, explain your macro economics?”

Two really good opening questions I think, and here are my answers……..

Question 1.

Why not?

1. Eliminate poverty in one fell swoop.

2. All the benefits to society that eliminating poverty would bring

3. Pay for it by abolishing income tax, corporation tax, in fact all tax, & introduce the automated payment transaction tax

Question 2.

Where does it come from at the moment? Yes. Thin air. that’s what “Quantative Easing” is. That’s where the Spanish bailout money came from too.

What I’m proposing is only a different way of introducing money into the economy.

Anyway, if we can bailout banks, why not meet humanities basic needs instead?

The Greek bank bailout cost £250billion. For £100billion less we could have paid all Greek adults a £15,000 basic income.  You do the math (!)

Simple economics dictates, if you put money in peoples pockets, they spend it. Spending it creates jobs and therefore more money. Whats not to like?

I’m still waiting for him to reply with Question 3 (!)

Oh, and Im not sure voters are really “getting” the point of my campaign, so I’m thinking of changing my name again, this time, to Jeremy Hunt

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying thieving B’stard


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