Bstard Campaign Update July 27th 2012 – 20mph Residential Speed Limit?

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£2000 to be in the official "Electoral Address Brochure" !!!!!!!!!!!

So the council will send out an “Electoral Address Brochure” with an electoral address from every mayoral candidate.

They will charge each candidate £2000 for the privilage.

What do I think?

1. All elections should be free to enter, otherwise it is potentially exclusive and therefore not democratic. Therefore the £500 Deposit is undemocratic and should be abolished.

2. This Brochure charge, should only cover the actual cost of publishing. The Publishing contract should have been “sold” to the “cheapest” bidder.

3. I think all candidates should pay equally towards this Brochure cost. Why should the people of Bristol pay for me to promote my campaign.

4. £2000 to get my message about the Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee through the letterbox of every household in Bristol, is a Bstard Bargain!!!!!!!!

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PS 500 Supporters with £5 each will pay to  place my election address, advertising the “Uncondittional Basic Income Guarantee”  in the Official Election Brochure, that will printed and distributed by Bristol City Council and is sent to all 322,000 Voters in Bristol. You can Donate your £5 here if you so desire.

Question: You've got four years: what do you intend to do about Bristol's transport network?

Got asked this question from The Spark Magazine today. Here is my answer.

It is my single manifesto promise to pay every adult in Bristol an Unconditional Basic Income of £15,000 every year, funded by the Automated Payment Transaction Tax (a small percentage tax on all transactions involving money ie a tax on spending rather than income)

Being “gifted” an Unconditional Basic Income will give every adult the choice to run a business or work for someone else in order to earn extra money, but will also give every adult the freedom to follow their Passion in life and contribute it to the community of Bristol “Just For The Love Of It”

The Unconditional Basic Income would revolutionize the way society works, eliminating poverty, improving health, reducing crime and would therefore also affect transport needs and the ways people travel.

Maybe people would need less journeys in general, maybe, with more free time to spend, people would use slower methods of travel, like walking or cycling, maybe someones passion is to set up a community transport company, where people work for free and they just need to cover costs.

Heck maybe well see a lot more rickshaws.

I also have one other thing I would do.

I would sack “first bus” and give the contract to “lothian buses” from Edinburgh. They run a service in Edinburgh that matches the tube in London. It has abundant routes, abundant services, usually a bus every 10 minutes, and a bus pass costs £48 a month. This would fill the buses and reduce congestion, making the roads a lot safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Job Done.

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The Bank Of Bristol

I’ve thought of another possible solution to the funding problem.

If  I can get £1 Billion of cash deposits into the Bank Of Bristol, then I can “lend” £7 Billion out in “Interest Free Basic Income Loans” (repayable over 100 years) using the same “Fractional Reserve Lending” that all the other Banks already use.

The loan will have one condition. The “Borrower” must open a bank account with “The Bank Of Bristol” and the “£15,000 loan” must be deposited and spent from that Bank Of Bristol account.

Thus creating more deposits in “The Bank Of Bristol”, and funding more loans through the “Fractional Reserve Lending” process.

As “Borrowers” spend this “local currency” in Bristol, The City Council will tax all spending transactions, using the Automated Payment Transaction Tax. This will raise the necessary revenue to Fund the £15,000 Basic Income Payment for the following year, as a full unconditional grant instead of another loan.

I’ve also discovered the Answer to Making the Basic Income Inflation Proof Question

Finally I’ve set up a page just for everyone to say what they would do “Just For The love Of It”.

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MumsNet, VAT and Rampant Inflation

So yesterday I posted this on Mumsnet

Scrap Benefits and pay every adult, working, non working or retired, an unconditional basic income of £15,000 a year? Discuss

What a Kerfuffle I seem to have started (!)

So many responses, both critical and positive, and I’m trying my best to respond to all of them, but the 2 main critisisms that seem to be repeatedly posted are

1. VAT does not work in the same way as a Sales Tax would

2. Giving People an Unconditional Basic Income would cause Rampant Inflation

Here are my responses to these Critisisms

1. VAT is a tax that is charged on the “Sales Price” of a limited amount of products. If you are not VAT registered, then you cannot reclaim the VAT you pay on any product that you buy. Therefore the VAT you pay on that product you buy (i.e the SALE that has been made) is collected as TAX. Therefore VAT is a SALES TAX.

The reason VAT has been mentioned is that someone suggested that collecting tax on all sales would make the money eventually disappear out of the system. ie pay £5 for something, £1 goes in tax, leaving £4 to the seller. The seller then spends £4 on something, £0.80 goes in tax, leaving the new seller with £3.20. After 2 transactions, £5 has diminished to £3.20 because £1.80 has been taken by the tax man.

However, this is how VAT already works at the moment, and the money does not dissapear, so why would it with a full sales tax?

Also, under my proposal, the money collected by the Sales Tax, is put back into peoples pockets as Basic Income, giving them new money to spend, to replace the money being taken out of the system, by the tax man.

2. “Quantative Easing”, which is printing money from thin air and putting it into the system, has not caused Rampant Inflation. “Bailing Out The Banks” which is also  printing money from thin air and putting it into the system, has not caused Rampant Inflation.

So far both these measures have “Cost” £350 Billion. Paying every adult an Unconditional Basic Income of £15,000 would “Cost” £750 Billion. Ok this is double as much, but hardly a Rampant Increase.

Also, someone said, Landlords and Utility companies would know people had this income and would increase their prices to get this money off people.

The national average wage i £26,000. The Basic Income I am proposing is only £15,000. Its way less than the national average as it already exists. Why arent they already increasing prices to get our £26,000 off us?

Finally, the Unconditional Basic Income is Index Linked to Inflation. Free Market Equilibrium would prevail eventually anyway.

Feel free to comment below, or go to this Mumsnet Thread and contribute from there.

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