Statement on the rejection of development of General Hospital site at Redcliffe

So the planners at Bristol City Council have rejected a proposed development of the General Hospital site at Redcliffe.

If I was Mayor right now this would be my response
“Pay every citizen an unconditional basic income to meet their basic needs for food and housing and let free market demand and supply economics do the rest.

The developers have clearly overpaid for the land and cant afford to stick to their commitments and promises.

Well in a free market economy theyll just have to take the loss and sell it to someone who can.

And if the council quadruple rates on empty buildings I’m sure they wouldn’t sit on it for too long

A new buyer gets a bargain and bristol gets it first class development.

What’s not to like 😉

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving Bstard


Corrupt Bstard – Official Electoral Address

Corrupt Bstard – Official Electoral Address (which will be sent to all 322,000 Bristolian Residents, in the official Mayoral Electoral Address brochure, sent out by Bristol City Council)

I will pay every adult resident of Bristol an Unconditional Basic Income of £15,000 every year.

This will give you the time and the freedom to do stuff just for the love of it.

If you earn extra money doing this stuff, that’s an added bonus.

You will recieve this Annual Unconditional Basic Income whether you are working in other paid work, non working or retired.

I will fund this Annual Unconditional Basic Income by introducing a tax on all spending. A small percentage tax whenever money is turned over, transacted or spent.

The time has come to eradicate poverty and free the spirit of all Bristolians.

This is your chance. Seize it!

David Cameron supports the Unconditional Basic Income

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is a supporter of the Unconditional Basic Income.

His Dad have him one.

Although I am sticking to an income of £15,000 a year for now, as I think the £millions Mr Cameron recieved from his Dad cover a bit more than basic needs, but nice of the Prime Minister to support our campaign isn’t it.

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Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving Bstard

What, How, Why & When


Eradicate poverty by paying every adult an unconditional basic income. Let the free market decide the rest.


Tax money everytime its turned over/transacted/spent.


So all people are free to do the stuff they are passionate about


15th November 2012


Live Love Dream

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500 Supporters with £5 each will pay to place my election address, advertising the “Uncondittional Basic Income Guarantee” in the Official Election Brochure, that will printed and distributed by Bristol City Council and is sent to all 322,000 Voters in Bristol. You can Donate your £5 here if you so desire.

Evening Post – Care Home Closures

Bit disappointed that todays Evening Post article on care home closures, didn’t use the quote they asked me for.

So here is the full statement I gave to them.

“The sole purpose of any government, local or national, is to look after the welfare of the people it is elected to serve and to ensure that everyone has their basic needs met.

It is my manifesto promise to pay an unconditional annual basic income of £15,000 to every adult resident of Bristol, whether they are working, non working or retired, funded by a tax on spending.

People are free to earn extra income by running businesses or by working for someone else, but the unconditional basic income will also give them the time and freedom to follow their passion in life and contribute that passion to the community of Bristol “just for the love of it”

One consequence of this is that more people may decide to use that extra time and freedom to care for their relatives themselves, or maybe with less need to “make a profit” we would see more “social enterprises” springing up to provide services for those in need of them.

Live Love Dream

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