Invest In People

Invest in athletes =  record gold medal haul at the Olympics.

Invest in every man, woman and child on the planet and what would that do?

Unconditional Basic Income is an investment in people. Gift people enough resources to live on and see what sort of society they then create. It sure will be better than the one weve created so far

Its time to eradicate poverty and free the spirit of all humanity and see what people are really capable of.

The Unconditional Basic Income gifts all young people the time and freedom to solve the problems created by our generation. Seems only fair to me.

What about the cost?

Meet peoples basic needs = happier, healthier, creative, dynamic society, with less crime and the resulting reduction in Government spending.

If the economy can fund an average wage of £26,000 a year, that same economy can fund an Unconitional Basic Income of £15,000 a year  for everyone.

There are enough resources to meet everyones basic needs. If the current economic system can’t cope with that, then that system is useless.

And remember this

Politicians don’t want to pay an Unconditional Basic Income to you, or pay for the disabled to recieve the services they need, but boy oh boy, can they pay themselves huh? £65 grand basic for an MP or the Mayor, and thats before all those flipped second homes and MP’s expenses.

Free youself and vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live Love Dream

Corrupt Self Serving Lying Thieving Bstard


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