We will give you £15,000 a year in Unconditional Basic Income Guaranteed, whether you are also working in other paid work, non working or retired.

We will give you £15,000 a year in Unconditional Basic Income Guaranteed, whether you are also working in other paid work, non working or retired.

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The BIG Political Party Manifesto is Launched

The BIG Political Party will introduce these 4 policies as soon as it is elected.

Roll on General Election 2015

1.   £15,000 a year Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee paid to every Resident Adult UK Citizen, whether they are also working in other paid work, non working or retired.

2.   50% income tax on ALL other earned income.

3.   5% sales tax on all transactions, whenever money is turned over/transacted/spent

4.   Nationalise the Bank of England. UK Government to print its own money.

The BIG Political Party is a one policy party. Our sole purpose is to promote and implement the Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee. However, as we engage in dialogue with UK citizens we are becoming aware of other manifesto promises that they would like to see. So in order to help our fellow political parties out a bit, we are listing here, as they arise, all manifesto promises that the citizens of UK tell us they would also like to see, and we heartily recommend that one of the other political parties takes them on as their own, because they are definite vote winners, as they come from the UK electorate.


1. Abolish schools fines for non attendance at school. Since when has any business fined its customers for rejecting its product?

2. Give “Interest Free Loans” to all new businesses that promise to give away all their “Net Profit” to fund “Food, Shelter & First Class Healthcare for All” (Obviously once the unconditional basic income goes global there will be no need for this)

3. Criminalize “surplus food being put into landfill” and encourage people to work for Fairshare

4. Compulsory “Non Violent Communication” lessons on all  Bristol Schools curriculum

5 UK to host a monthly “Open Space” event, for all UK residents,  entitled “UK: How Do We Make It Even Better”

6. All politicians pay packet to be “reduced” to the national average of £489 per week (including Lobbying Fees!!!!!)

7. Pledge a one-off windfall tax of 20% on the £4 trillion wealth of the richest 10% in this country. This would pay off the nations debt at a stroke and still leave them all as the richest 10%

8. Get Lothian buses to run all UK bus services. Their bus service in Edinburgh is very cheap and very frequent, usually a bus every 10 minutes, and covers practically every road in the city.

9. Make elections truely democratic. Put a “none of the above” box on all ballot papers.

10. Run a UKTV channel, with programmes, films and documentaries, promoting the culture and creativity of this amazing country. All programmes to be made by UK residents and get the schools and academies involved. Celebrate UK and make sure the channel has an hourly “Good News” bulletin as well.

11. If everyone in UK picked up 1 piece of litter (or dropped 1 piece less) every day, imagine what UK would look like Run a “Pick Up 1″ campaign, selling the “Pick Up 1″ idea the same way we sell cars and mobile phones. ie make the idea look attractive and enticing, rather than negative and condescending. Also set up a web page, similar to instragram,  for people to upload a photo of the piece of litter they picked up that day.

12. Quadrupple rates on empty buildings, to entice landlords to get them occupied by any means possible. The homeless and creative collectives to be acknowledged as occupying a building

13. Write “WHATS BEEN THE BEST PART OF YOUR DAY?” as a signature on the bottom of all UK Government mailouts.

14. Abolish the £500 deposit to stand for election. Increase the number of nominations needed instead.

15. Only allow “party political donations” to be made into a state funding pot, which is then shared equally between all candidates. If there is no pot, then all candidates will be restricted to their one free mailout.