Privatise The Unemployed

Dear Mr Osbourne.

“Something for nothing” you say? Define “Nothing”.

“Hard working people” you say? Define “Work”.

The unemployed are some of the most prolific “job creators” on the planet. They create work for thousands of job centre employees nationwide. The “millions” they spend on shopping, helps create countless jobs in the retail sector, and without an audience for the Jeremy Kyle Show, alot of your marketing and advertising donors would be out of work, and who would fund your Party then?

So the Unemployed are hardly “doing nothing”, they’re “working”. They are working very hard to drive the economy forward.

Instead of regurgitating the same old failed ideas and actions of the past, by attempting to build “Sweatshop Britain”, why not champion Britain into becoming the world centre of ingenuity and innovation?

Whats the point of Labour’s, “we’ll give you free childcare if you take this unpaid job”, “whats the job?”, “childcare!”

Whats the point of you making “sacking the unemployed” a bizarre possibility, making the unemployed work, unpaid, for their social security?

When you can “Free the creativity and inventiveness of every British Citizen”, by paying them all an Unconditional Basic Income.

You are like a drowning King Kanute, who can’t swim, floundering upstream, against the tide.

There is already going to be a referendum on the introduction of the unconditional basic income in Switzerland in the near future.

Dare you put Britain first?

Or failing that, you could just “Privatise the Unemployed”, all that free labour must be worth a fortune.