What about single parents and the disabled?

So having successfully answered the “you’ll cause hyper inflation” question, because no new money is being printed, and having successfully answered the “wheres the money coming from?” question, because we’re taking the money from existing budgets and additional taxation, it seems the next attempted curved ball is the “what about single parents” and “what about the disabled who cannot get extra paid work?”

Seems the right think Unconditional Basic Income is a left wing idea and wail about hippy students sharing a house together and clubbing their incomes to live the high life.

While the left think its a right wing idea and worry about equal payments for rich and poor.

Oh well, its nice to successfully unite both political extremes I guess.

Anyway back to the questions and great questions they both are. So much so that we would say that different levels of Unconditional Basic Income for different circumstances i.e adults, children, the disabled, single parents and OAP’s is open to discussion.

However, until any negotiation takes place, this is how we would answer those questions.

Unconditional Basic Income makes everyone an entrepreneur. Housing for OAP’s and the disabled is a new market for all those budding entrepreneurs to exploit.

Unconditional Basic Income enables relatives and friends of single parents to be able to choose to help out, because they will have the time to do so, if they should so wish.

Unconditional Basic Income enables single parents to move nearer to relatives and/or to less expensive areas and help regenerate those areas

Unconditional Basic Income empowers social enterprises to meet the needs of single parents and the disabled, because there will be an influx of people who will now decide to use their time to volunteer.

Failing that legalize and tax cannabis and use every penny to help OAP’s, single parents and the disabled.

what do you think?