NEW POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT: We will “Cut MP Pay in Half” and “Abolish MP Expenses”


We will “Cut MP Pay in Half” and “Abolish MP Expenses”. Any MP with a net worth of more than £1/2 Million will recieve No Salary At All.

Question: You expect MP’s to run a constituency office, from their own pocket, and on £30k? What about MP’s who live in constituencies outside London?

Answer: Being an MP is a vocation, not a career.

Constituency offices will be staffed by civil servants, provided and paid for by HM Government. Creating local employment opportunities.

We will then use the £14 million a year saved on MP’s pay, to buy 600 Government owned fully furnished 3 bedroom houses in Reading.

Any MP living beyond “commutable distance” to london can stay, rent free, in these Government owned houses. These houses will be an hours commute on the train. Many members of the general public have a commute of over an hour every day.

We did consider putting them all in one hotel in Reading but its a huge security risk, there’d be no soap left or towels, the thieving bstards…..

Of course, none of these houses will have a TV, because people on benefits shouldn’t have tellys.

Also any MP not needing all 3 bedrooms will have to pay the Bedroom Tax.

Next Question Please?

Question: we wouldn’t attract the right quality of candidate

Answer: I love this “wouldnt get the right class of public servant” stuff, yet we expect nurses, firemen, teachers to do their job for alot less. right quality of public servant my arse.

id rather a carpenter was my mp than some career minded public schoolboy who’s no idea whatsoever what its like in the real world.

make them live like the rest of us and see what laws they come up with then.


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