Why do we need an unconditional basic income?

We are born onto a planet that provides us with all the basics to live, free of charge, food, water, shelter etc…..

But now those resources are “owned”.

Therefore you can no longer use these resources that are “freely provided by the planet” if you dont have man made concept of “money”.

There’s a simple sane solution.

Everyone, no exceptions, no means testing, gets the basics to survive and after that you can choose to do extra stuff to make your life better.



Who’s manipulating the employment figures?

According to the latest figures, there are 2.34 million unemployed in this country, however, Government figures reveal 600,000 vacant places, of this, 350,000 are in doubt…

Does this mean, 2million unemployed…. won’t get a job ??

Yet, benefits are stopped….”


Unconditional Basic Income creates Full Employment…….Overnight!!

UK General Election 2015 – Vote BIG