Why do we need an unconditional basic income?

We are born onto a planet that provides us with all the basics to live, free of charge, food, water, shelter etc…..

But now those resources are “owned”.

Therefore you can no longer use these resources that are “freely provided by the planet” if you dont have man made concept of “money”.

There’s a simple sane solution.

Everyone, no exceptions, no means testing, gets the basics to survive and after that you can choose to do extra stuff to make your life better.



5 thoughts on “Why do we need an unconditional basic income?

  1. Another simple sane solution is to create an environment where more people are motivated to be all they can be. Or perhaps finding solutions that still embrace the good parts of capitalism without throwing it all away. Keep it out of medicine and the prison system. For people who can’t educate themselves to obtain higher paying jobs, allow people to go off the grid with solar, water collection systems, etc. What a great way to save money without taking it away from the people who did work hard to earn it. A good financial defense based on frugal living can make up for a poor financial offense based on lack of income.

    However, extreme ideas such as what you’re proposing just won’t work. Go out there and win in the world. Go create something awesome!

  2. The big challenge, if the world moves this way, is how do we keep that winning spirit alive? Will it be like open source software where people contribute because they’re passionate, or will there still need to be extrinsic rewards? This sound great, but it also sounds a bit like communism. How do we keep such a system from falling into the hands of a subset of people with all the power?

  3. meeting peoples basic needs with an unconditional basic income would mean everyone fulfils maslows hierarchy of needs level one and frees every individual to follow their passion

    This would lead to a society based on a spirit of open source.

    However its nothing like communism.

    Communism pays everyone the same.

    Unconditional basic income is paid equally and to everyone. You are then free to go out and earn as much extra as you want so that you can better your life, but however much you earn you still keep all you unconditional basic income.

    It firmly places power with the individual and would lead to a truly free market economy 😉

  4. The extrinsic rewards are

    a. You are free to follow your Passion

    b. If you want more money, so you can have the “better” things in life, you are allowed to go out and earn it.

    c. Best case scenario, you end up earning extra with the thing you are passionate about.

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