Imigration creates Wealth

Imigration creates demand. Demand creates work. Work creates jobs. Jobs create wages. Wages create tax revenue.

My belief in free speech means I can accept UKIP being rascist. It’s their denial of the economic facts and therefore their rank stupidity that grates.

Join the revolution? Yes!!!! By voting UKIP? Are you having a laff? You’re having a laff? Right?


Money vs Resources

In 2007 we were in a boom and there was loads of money

In 2008 we were in a recession and there was suddenly no money. So much so that we had to start cutting our public services in a new age of austerity.

In 2014 we are out of recession and entering another boom. Suddenly there is loads of money again.

Boom. Recession. Boom.

Loads of money. No money. Loads of money.

What about resources during that time? Did the level of resources differ greatly over that time period?

Answer: No

Ok some resources are dwindling like some forms of energy, but over the same period that money has appeared and disappeared, the resources available has been pretty constant.

This proves money is not a reliable indicator of our ability to pay every citizen an unconditional basic income. It’s a fallacy and myth. Boom and bust is a fallacy.

There are, and always have been enough resources to meet everyone’s basic needs.

There were enough resources in the boom of 2007

There were the same/enough resources in the recession of 2008

There are the same/enough in the new boom of 2014

“There’s not enough money”. My arse. Pull the other one mate. I bet it votes UKIP.


Money is just a means of exchange. In itself it is not important, we can’t eat it, drink it or build shelters out of it, at least not anywhere it rains.

Resources are the only thing that matters.

The fact is that there are more than enough resources to meet every citizens basic needs.

Doing so would radically transform the world for the better.

Therefore we must find a way to do it.

Are UKIP Green?


Protest vote against “Main” Parties

Vote Green

Protest vote against “Main” Parties


Make UK Independent by withdrawing from European Union

Vote Green

Make YOU Independent by paying you an Unconditional Basic Income


They’ll Pay you about £100 a year by taking UK out of the European Union

Vote Green

They’ll Pay you £1,000’s a year in unconditional basic income


Protect your job by stopping immigration

Vote Green

Create your own job, doing what you love while being paid your Unconditional Basic Income

So if the Green Party can trump all the reasons to vote UKIP why are UKIP ahead in the polls and the Green Party nowhere. Serious Question.