Money vs Resources

In 2007 we were in a boom and there was loads of money

In 2008 we were in a recession and there was suddenly no money. So much so that we had to start cutting our public services in a new age of austerity.

In 2014 we are out of recession and entering another boom. Suddenly there is loads of money again.

Boom. Recession. Boom.

Loads of money. No money. Loads of money.

What about resources during that time? Did the level of resources differ greatly over that time period?

Answer: No

Ok some resources are dwindling like some forms of energy, but over the same period that money has appeared and disappeared, the resources available has been pretty constant.

This proves money is not a reliable indicator of our ability to pay every citizen an unconditional basic income. It’s a fallacy and myth. Boom and bust is a fallacy.

There are, and always have been enough resources to meet everyone’s basic needs.

There were enough resources in the boom of 2007

There were the same/enough resources in the recession of 2008

There are the same/enough in the new boom of 2014

“There’s not enough money”. My arse. Pull the other one mate. I bet it votes UKIP.


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