Why should I pay for the Unconditional Basic Income through my taxes?

Why should I pay for the Unconditional Basic Income through my taxes?

An Unconditional Basic Income will emancipate the labour force, by freeing them of the need “to take any job because they have to put bread on the table”, enabling every worker to choose the work they want to do and the rate of pay they are willing to work for.

Supply and Demand will set a true free market rate for every wage.

If your job is vital to society or has a lack of people willing to supply labour to do that job, then your wages will rise.

If your job is not vital or deemed less necessary by the true free market, then not only will your wage fall, but it means that your current wage is effectively being subsidized by todays society, because without an Unconditional Basic Income, todays ecomomy is not a true free market.

Many people today are in jobs, being paid an inflated wage, that already comes out of other peoples taxes/pockets.

At least the Unconditional Basic Income is completely fair, and leads to an equal playing field.


where do we find the money?

“We produce more than enough food to eradicate world hunger, pity there isn’t enough money to pay for it all”

Asking “How do we find the money to pay everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?”

is like reading the above quote and saying

“Yeah, so how do we find the money to do it?”

The Earth Isn’t Flat, It’s Round.

The earth isn’t flat, it’s round.

Imigration doesn’t cost money, it creates it.

Our right to survive isn’t conditional, it’s unconditional.

It’s not possible to do “nothing”, everybody is “doing something”.

Everything we do is “work”.

Although born with a right to survive, onto a planet that freely provides everything we need for our survival, we can no longer feed or house ourselves if we don’t have money.

That’s why an unconditional basic income doesn’t just make economic sense, its a human right.

Lunatic Fringe, Incoherent Leftie, Nutjob with A Blog!!!!

Been called an incoherent leftie, lunatic fringe and a nutjob with a blog this week.


    So we must be doing something right.

    The guy who called me a “nutjob with a blog” took objection to me calling my opponents “imbeciles”.

    He then suggested I should be “encased in concrete and dumped in the sea”.

    Irony, pot, black & kettle spring to mind.

    He argues “It absolutely does not matter whether the arguments we use are spurious, even wrong; they must appeal to people.”

    Yet, he’s worried about me being called Corrupt Bstard?

    However he did have a very valid point suggesting that the battle to get the unconditional basic income introduced would need us to win over the Murdoch media, sun readership, who “own houses and worry about whether their lives will be better or worse”

    I read some of the guys other posts and he is very well versed in the pros and cons of UBI, a very intelligent person obviously.

    As already mentioned, his point seeming to be that BIG Party policy and a leader called corrupt bstard, could alienate these people.

    In our defense I would say “no publicity is bad publicity” when it comes to getting an unknown idea into the mainstream.

    I also think that in terms of percentage of population needed to vote in an idea like unconditional basic income, we only need a small percentage initially.

    It’s just as powerful, if not more powerful, to hold a balance of power, look at the lib dems or UKIP.

    Politically speaking, if everyone knew what unconditional basic income was, I’m convinced that a significant proportion of the population would vote for the introduction of an unconditional basic income.

    The fact is that if the BIG party policy of £11,375 a year in unconditional basic income was introduced, more than 70% of the UK population would be financially better off.

    That’s the majority.

    However, at the moment, the vast majority of the population don’t even know what an unconditional basic income is, let alone that they can vote for an unconditional basic income of £11,375 a year for themselves at the 2015 General Election.

    Like I said, it did make me think though, and in order to win over the sun readership, I will now start promoting the idea that……

    Paying everyone an unconditional basic income will “eradicate the benefits trap”.

    Paying everyone an unconditional basic income will make sure “work always pays”

    That’s the thing that concerns sun readers most.

    His other objections were to our simplistic take on economics, money and the definition of work.

    However, it is out belief that a national debate challenging peoples understanding and beliefs about “money” and “work” are absolutely vital, if we are to create the paradym shift necessary to not only introduce the unconditional basic income, but also to find solutions to the fundamental problems facing humanity as a whole.

    His final objection was to my punctuation.

    Fair point, cos my punctuation and spelling is fuckin attroshus

It’s Time to Start Believing Again – Why Basic Income Could and Should be the Next Global Political Movement

Thought Infection

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I am a big fan of basic income as the best solution to fix the current international ills of modernize capitalism. Whether it is in the form of a guaranteed minimum income (GMI), negative income tax (NIT), or Universal Basic Income (UBI), I believe that some form of non-means tested mechanism to distribute minimal income to everyone in society is going to become a must as we enter an increasingly automated world. In this post I will attempt to explore something that I have not yet seen addressed in discussions about basic income, that it could be a huge political blockbuster.


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