NEW POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT: 100 Grand For Everyone To Build Your Own House

We will give anyone on the Unconditional Basic Income an interest free 25 year mortgage of £100,000 to build their own house.

As everyone in the UK will recieve the Unconditional Basic Income of £11,375 every year, whether they are working in other paid work, non working or retired, it means everyone can also have one of these interest free self build mortgages.

Should 2 people club together, they will have £200,000 to build a shared house.

These mortgages will be repaid at £4,000 a year.

This will be deducted at source from your £11,375 Unconditional Basic Income

Effectively, this will enable a massive HM Government backed house building project, without costing HM Government a penny.

It will pop the housing bubble, therefore reduce rents, free up social and council housing and make sure everyone has access to a home of their own.

So £11,375 for you, no strings attached and £100,000 to build your own house.

Join the Real Revolution

Vote BIG


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