7 questions that shut up my UKIP Candidate

7 Yes or No questions I asked my local UKIP candidate, that left him speechless.

Still waiting for his replies

Imigrants demand stuff. Yes or No.

Demanding stuff creates work. Yes or No.

Work creates jobs. Yes or No.

Jobs create wages. Yes or No.

Wages create tax revenue. Yes or No.

Immigrants creates Wealth. Yes or No.

Immigrants create Jobs. Yes or No.

Why not try them on yours if you need some peace.


26 thoughts on “7 questions that shut up my UKIP Candidate

  1. Immigration creates demand – Yes – in terms of demand for local services (Schools/NHS/housing/Police/etc.)

    No – in terms of anything positive for the country

    Demand creates work – Yes – for interpreters/school staffing/Police/Social services – ie, all public service stuff.

    No – for anything that actually earns the country money.

    Work creates jobs – Yes – if you mean public sector

    No – if you mean private sector that actually earns the country money

    Jobs create wages. Yes – but public sector wages come from TAX

    Wages create tax revenue.- No, as most are low paid work so we are actually giving them TAX credits and other benefits too

    Immigration creates Wealth.- Yes – for a small number of questioable organisations that prey on this kind of immigration.

    No – it adds no value to the country, it’s actually costing us all in our TAX bills and ever greater government spending.

    Why not try them on yours if you need some peace.

    why did you not actually do some proper research on this as opposed to bleating out the usual Lab/Lib line about how it enriches the country etc etc etc?

    why do you think we have a housing crisis? 3 Million immigrants in the last 10 years have to live somewhere, even if they all are gainfully employed, you can’t magic up that level of housing without there being some pretty bad side effects.

    • So Schools/NHS/housing/Police/etc not positive for the country?

      So sack all interpreters/school staffing/Police/Social services – ie, all public service stuff, because they don’t earn money for the country?

      Earning money for the country only happens when those horrible foreigners by our stuff by the way

      What “demand” do you create, that earns money for the country or creates jobs in the private sector, that an immigrant doesn’t “demand”?

      Why do I think we have a housing crisis even though the resources are there to build the houses, the materials, the labour, including “low paid” immigrant labour?

      I dont know, you tell me 😉

      • Are you saying immigrants don’t need ( free ) dentists and doctors, paid for out of taxation?
        Are you saying immigrants come here in order to benefit US ? Are you saying that a huge
        number of immigrants who enter under the false Asylum scam and get housed and go
        straight onto benefits are a benefit to UK? You have everything back to front

      • So you agree, Imigrants create demand for/work/jobs for dentists and doctors

        So you agree, Imigrants create demand for/work/jobs for the building industry

        As you say, the problem isn’t the immigrant, its the employers who pay people the lump and help those to avoid paying tax

        Are you saying people on benefits don’t spend money into the economy, therefore contributing to economics growth?

        Recessions happen when people stop spending

      • you don’t seem to understand the difference between public and private sector do you?

        Public sector does not generate wealth/money – it’s a service industry

        to earn money you have to make/sell stuff, as in add value, as in Rolls Royce aero engines, ie, make very high tech high value stuff that sells for huge money mostly to export.

        the NHS earns no money at all, great as it is, it’s a cost to the country (and about a £500Bn/PA one), making it bigger to deal with immigration is not a positive thing,

        maybe you need to do R101 in economics?

  2. 1. Immigration doesn’t create demand – at best it moves demand from one area to another.
    2. Demand doesn’t create work – it’s the production of material that creates work. Indeed, it was the increase in demand by excessive borrowing — that resulted in the slump — so increasing demand in the wrong way can reduce employment not increase it.
    3. Work creates jobs?? That’s either not saying anything or wrong. Take wind for example. For every job in the wind sector some 3 are lost in other sectors due to increased prices. So again, creating jobs (particularly inefficient ones) can lower overall employment

    Everything so far has not withstood even simple analysis.
    So, the final question “does immigration create wealth” … well, let’s ask a very similar question … does having a kid make you wealthier? Does bringing one extra person into your territory increase demand? Yes! Work? Yes! … and are you financially richer as a result?

      • Yes, free house for immigrant, out of our taxes= loss to us.
        Yes, building needs workers, and workers get paid.
        Building workers get taxed, sometimes, Ever heard of the lump? Thousands of Poles, Romanians
        etc work as day labourers in the cities. The money they earn is OUTSIDE THE TAX SYSTEM.
        Immigrant getting free house often on benefits, often has 4 or 5 children, who pays for their
        education, doctors, etc.
        You need to DO THE MATHS, not fit the truth around your twisted ideology.

    • Your own example/words above, prove that demand does create work

      I quote

      “Does bringing one extra person into your territory increase demand? Yes! Work? Yes!”

      end quote.

      And as for

      “and are you financially richer as a result?”

      If i was paid to do all that extra work, that you agree has been created, then yes, yes I would be better off.

  3. Your six yes/no questions are so stupidly simple as to be naive.
    If economics were that simple we would all be economists.
    In the real world, not one of your questions have a black and white ( sorry, PC error) yes or no answer.
    Maybe if you studied the concept of wealth creation you may see how stupidly naive your questions are.

    • Mugabenomics? He printed loads of extra money.

      What we are proposing does not involve printing an extra money, we use current government budgets.

      Were not even advocating printing extra money using quantative easing, unlike the current government.

      Next 😉

  4. Answer yes or no: Is Britain overcrowded?
    Does it need any more people?
    Do we want every green field concreted over to house more and more people we don’t need?
    Do we want our country turned into cosmopolitan central instead of a home for our own British history, democracy, values, culture, traditions, language, laws, customs, ways of life and people?
    Do we want a distinctively British home for our children, grandchildren and future generations of indigenous British people?
    Is money, money, money economics the be-all and end-all of consideration of this country’s future?
    Are you a patriot or a traitorous fool?

    • Overcrowded? Not sure it is yet, but if it is then how about 1 out 1 in?

      Cosmopolitan or distinctly British values? Again not sure. Depends on what those values are. Can you give specific examples?

      Indigenous population? You are aware the queen is german decent aren’t you?

      Now can you answer my 6 questions please?

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