What happened to the candle makers?

What happened to the candle makers?

When electricity was invented the candle makers were made redundant.

What did they do?

They created new jobs, working in new industries, making new products and services.

So why won’t the same thing happen today, to the people who lose their jobs to automation and new technology?

The problem with this is that only the people with money to invest and buy new products and services can decide what new products and services get made/bought/invested in/paid for.

What’s the problem with that?

Not only does it exclude a vast sway of the population from deciding what new products and services we make, excluding all their creativity, talents and innovative ideas.

It also assumes that those with the money to be able to decide what products and services get made, actually have the best interests of the population in mind and care about the environment in which we all live and depend on for survival.

A look at the state of the world, suggests, this may not be the case.

Our water supply is polluted, our food chain is poisoned, we are even prepared to fracking well cause earthquakes.


If everyone has enough money to survive on, rather than being coerced into working at something they may feel is destructive to themselves, their environment or society as a whole, they are free to choose where they devote their labour.

If everyone has the money to enable them to create and innovate new products and services as a result of automation and technological advances, then we will be freely able to make use of the creativity, talent and innovation of every person on the planet.

The candle makers may have found new ways to use their labour, but the system that evolved as part of this, is a system that stiffles human creativity, ingenuity and innovation.

It’s time to move on.

From flat earth policy to a policy based on the belief that the earth is round.

Universal Unconditional Basic Income.

Free the Spirit.


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