Inflation and Food Mountains

I think the arguments of inflation and where will the money come from are very good questions.

I have come up with some answers that I think resolve the problem but am no expert and am open to being wrong.

However I think the really important question which goes a lot deeper than these questions is

“We produce more than enough food to eradicate world hunger, pity there isn’t enough money to pay for it all”

I think asking “How do we find the money to pay everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?” is like reading the above quote and saying “Yeah, so how do we find the money to do it?”

Surely we should be saying “doesn’t this show that our current system not only isn’t working, its insane”

As for my answers to the inflation question

No extra money is printed and put into circulation. There will therefore be no extra inflation, hyper or otherwise.

As for the question of “wages inflation”

Free Market Forces means vital jobs increase in pay , less vital jobs decrease in pay and non vital jobs disappear altogether creating a surplus of labour, which reduces labour costs as well. UBI also means anyone earning extra in “paid work” is always better off than anyone just living on UBI, solving the “benefits trap” Everybody wins


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