Unconditional Basic Income is a Human Right.

We either carry on doing what we’ve always done and get the same results or we start doing things radically differently in order to get different results.

Unconditional Basic Income is radically different.

Always the same questions are asked.

1. Where’s the money coming from?

We produce more than enough food to eradicate world hunger. Pity there isn’t enough money to pay for it all.

Money is a man made concept. Resources are what matter and there are enough resources to do this.

2. But would people work?

UBI eradictes poverty

UBI eradictes the benefits trap. Meaning work always pays.

UBI is an investment in people. Look what happened when we invested in all those team GB athletes in 2012.

UBI: Freedom. Innovation. Enterprise.

3. Why do we need to have UBI?

We are born onto a planet with the right to survive. We are born onto a planet they freely provides us with everything we need for our survival. Food, water, building materials, land.

However now that everything is “owned” we can only survive if we have enough money to meet our basic needs.



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