Beverage “Socialisation of Demand ”

The article below is a comment written by Ken Palmerton on a Lib Dem website discussing the unconditional basic income.

I think it says it all perfectly.

“Its like stepping back to the 1940s when the Womens Liberal Federation seriously addressed the issue, and met all the objections and negativism that has cropped up again here in this debate.

Both the “freeloader” slur, AND the funding debate.

And as they found then you have few options if you continue to confine the thinking within current accepted economic theory.

Radical ideas, like the citizens income, cannot thrive whilst it is seen as yet another fruitless tweak to an already over complex tax and benifits system.

Given free rein it is much more than that, it is a means to set the scene for a shift to a world of true Liberty, indeed towards a Liberal society, where ALL citizens can benefit from the fruits of their production.

Liberals long ago recognised that employment, as the sole means of distributing income, whether wages salaries, or dividends, was deficient, The work of Keynes, and that unless we were willing to join the Luddites and smash the machines, this deficiency would get worse.

It was also realised that taking from one, in taxation, to give to another would not close the gap either, and would only provoke further nasty “dog in the manger” atitudes to boot.

The idea was raised that we needed a system that could create and issue enough revenue to buy up and consume all possible production in any time frame, and that the best way of assuring that this revenue got spent was to pay it direct into the pockets of the consumers, a group that included ALL of us.

Hence the idea of the Citizens income.

How much depended upon the current level of production.

It was realised that this calculation was a task that only the State could undertake.

No group of private money creators had the incentive or the resources to do this.

This is where Beverages comment about the “Socialisation of demand ” came in.

There is much to be said on this subject, but trying to confine it within the old , failed theories of the authoritarians will have us sqabbling for yet another generation, and we return to the miseries of the poor laws.



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