You could be over £100 a week better off, without changing a thing.

If your annual salary is £14,000, you currently take home £13,200 every year. (after paying 20% income tax)

With the tax free unconditional basic income you get £7,000 (after paying 50% income tax) + £11,375 (tax free unconditional basic income) taking home £18,375 every year.

So, with Unconditional Basic Income You’re £5,175 a year better off

That’s almost £100 a week!!!!!!!!

Wanna know how much better off you will be?

Why not try our New Net Income Calculator

1. How much is half your annual salary?

2. Add £11,375

3. Total is your new net annual salary.

Obviously if there are two adults in your household you both need to do this calculation separately. Then add the two totals together.

Also add £2,650 per child in your household aged 0-15 years.

If you have a child living with you who is 16+ they will also need to do steps 1, 2 & 3.

Divide by 12 for your new monthly income.
Divide by 52 for your new weekly income

Would you be better off?

Answers below

All this is additional to the fact that every citizen will live in a healthier, better educated, dynamic, creative, innovative society, with substantially reduced crime.


Why Give Everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?

Why Give Everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?

1. Students would be free to study at Uni

2. Stay at home parents would be free to nurture their own children.

3. Budding entrepreneurs would be free to develop their ideas and products and help provide the solutions to some of the critical situations we face as a species.

Single parents and the disabled part 2

So, “what about single parents” and “what about the disabled who cannot get extra paid work?”

Seems the right think Unconditional Basic Income is a left wing idea and wail about hippy students sharing a house together and clubbing their incomes to live the high life.

While the left think its a right wing idea and worry about equal payments for rich and poor.

Oh well, its nice to successfully unite both political extremes I guess.

Anyway back to the questions and great questions they both are.

So much so that I would say that different levels of Unconditional Basic Income for different circumstances i.e adults, children, the disabled, single parents and OAP’s is open to discussion.

However, until any negotiation takes place, this is how we would answer those questions.

Unconditional Basic Income makes everyone an entrepreneur.

Housing for OAP’s and the disabled is a new market for all those budding entrepreneurs to exploit.

Unconditional Basic Income enables relatives and friends of single parents to be able to choose to help out, because they will have the time to do so, if they should so wish.

Unconditional Basic Income enables single parents to move nearer to relatives and/or to less expensive areas and help regenerate those areas.

Unconditional Basic Income empowers social enterprises to meet the needs of single parents and the disabled, because there will be an influx of people who will now decide to use their time to volunteer.

Failing that legalize and tax cannabis and use every penny to help OAP’s, single parents and the disabled.

what do you think?

Question: what about the disabled, the sick? what about single parents?

The whole idea of the unconditional basic income is that everyone has enough money to live without having to “do” anything for it. So everyone will already have enough money to live on without having to go out and do other paid work if they don’t want to, for whatever reason.

People can choose to do voluntary work, follow their passions, use their talents, even if nobody wants to pay them to do so.

It would cause a paradym shift in the way society functions.

Stay at home Carers would now recieve £11,375 a year no strings attached. A lot more than they do now, for instance some stay at home parents are currently unpaid.

However it is not my intention that anyone currently in receipt of benefits finds themselves worse off with UBI.

So I intend to ringfence DLA and other disability benefits.

As for the issue of single parents.

To start with, CSA payments could be deducted at source from someone’s UBI.

And with the £100,000 to build a house scheme. Entrepreneurs could use the money from a group of single mothers/dads to build new housing developments.

New houses being built will also reduce rents and free up social housing.

It’s also possible people could choose to relocate and regenerate the areas they move to.

Don’t forget UBI means wherever you relocate to you will have enough money to live on, no strings attached.

If people spend that money in the new area they’ve relocated to, no matter how poor the area was, it will soon be regenerated. That’s what bringing money into an area does.

Single mothers/dads could be the new regeneration grants

Question. Won’t this just lead to a massive influx of immigrants coming to the UK to claim their free money, no strings attached?

Question. Won’t this just lead to a massive influx of immigrants coming to the UK to claim their free money, no strings attached?

Answer. The Unconditional Basic Income is simply enough money to cover a human beings basic needs for food, heating, clothing and shelter.

If someone comes to this country, simply so that they can have their basic needs for food and shelter met, then they must have been living in pretty hellish circumstances in the country they left behind.

We as UK citizens should be proud of our ability to help out our fellow human beings.

If someone who comes to this country wants more than just a basic existence and instead wants to have the better things in life they will have to work in other paid work to earn the money to do so.

Assuming the majority of immigrants are coming because they want the better things in life that western society offers, then these immigrants will go out to work to earn extra money.

They can earn this extra money in the new jobs that are created, making the goods and services that are needed to “supply” the “increased demand” for goods and services that this influx of immigrants creates.

Always remembering that someone happy to “subsist” on their Unconditional Basic Income, will use their time to follow their passions in life, use their talents to contribute to society, use their entrepreneurial spirit, create social enterprises, care for their families, live healthier, happier lives etc etc etc

Whatever happens its……