“People ‘need to eat’ and to do so, they need to work.”? No They Dont!!!!!

I’ve read my Green Party Candidates blog on the economy and I would like to question the statement he writes that says

“People ‘need to eat’ and to do so, they need to work.”

I say that depends on your definition of “work”.

“Work” is doing something.

It’s possible to do work that is creative or destructive. ie arms manufacturer or child care

To eat we need money. The “work” offered by our current economic model does provide access to paid work and therefore food, although whether some jobs pay enough is up for debate.

However our current economic system doesn’t empower people to choose the work they would love to do, for whatever reason that may he, be it, Passion or environmental reasons. ie gold miners currently use mercury to mine because its cheap (cost effective) so they can earn enough to feed their families.

However doing do poisons their families, communities and our food chain

So if we just accept “to eat we need to work” we are contributing to our downfall.

We need to challenge conventional thinking with the fact that “to eat we need money”.

And surely challenging conventional thinking is Green Party Policy?

And the best way to challenge conventional thinking is to offer challenging policies.

If we pay every citizen an unconditional basic income, that allows people to choose how they use their time.

It’s a game changer.

And it can be done.

I know its green policy, but £71 is not enough and worse will simply redistribute money from poor to rich.

Don’t vote Green. Vote BIG Loony



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