Question: what about the disabled, the sick? what about single parents?

The whole idea of the unconditional basic income is that everyone has enough money to live without having to “do” anything for it. So everyone will already have enough money to live on without having to go out and do other paid work if they don’t want to, for whatever reason.

People can choose to do voluntary work, follow their passions, use their talents, even if nobody wants to pay them to do so.

It would cause a paradym shift in the way society functions.

Stay at home Carers would now recieve £11,375 a year no strings attached. A lot more than they do now, for instance some stay at home parents are currently unpaid.

However it is not my intention that anyone currently in receipt of benefits finds themselves worse off with UBI.

So I intend to ringfence DLA and other disability benefits.

As for the issue of single parents.

To start with, CSA payments could be deducted at source from someone’s UBI.

And with the £100,000 to build a house scheme. Entrepreneurs could use the money from a group of single mothers/dads to build new housing developments.

New houses being built will also reduce rents and free up social housing.

It’s also possible people could choose to relocate and regenerate the areas they move to.

Don’t forget UBI means wherever you relocate to you will have enough money to live on, no strings attached.

If people spend that money in the new area they’ve relocated to, no matter how poor the area was, it will soon be regenerated. That’s what bringing money into an area does.

Single mothers/dads could be the new regeneration grants


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