You could be over £100 a week better off, without changing a thing.

If your annual salary is £14,000, you currently take home £13,200 every year. (after paying 20% income tax)

With the tax free unconditional basic income you get £7,000 (after paying 50% income tax) + £11,375 (tax free unconditional basic income) taking home £18,375 every year.

So, with Unconditional Basic Income You’re £5,175 a year better off

That’s almost £100 a week!!!!!!!!

Wanna know how much better off you will be?

Why not try our New Net Income Calculator

1. How much is half your annual salary?

2. Add £11,375

3. Total is your new net annual salary.

Obviously if there are two adults in your household you both need to do this calculation separately. Then add the two totals together.

Also add £2,650 per child in your household aged 0-15 years.

If you have a child living with you who is 16+ they will also need to do steps 1, 2 & 3.

Divide by 12 for your new monthly income.
Divide by 52 for your new weekly income

Would you be better off?

Answers below

All this is additional to the fact that every citizen will live in a healthier, better educated, dynamic, creative, innovative society, with substantially reduced crime.


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