What about single mums?

I was talking to a single mum tonight. Recieves £190 a week in benefits and £900 a month in housing benefit. Let’s say about £24,000 a year.

She would recieve £11375 + £5300 for her 2 kids.

Shes £7000 a year worse off under UBI.

When I explained how UBI works, she’s free of conditions, benefit sanctions and its unconditional, no strings attached.

She said she’d “snap my fucking hand off” her words not mine.

Said she could find a way to live on £17000 a year and home educate her kid.

Its the freedom that appeals.

Then I explained she would also be able to get a 25 year interest free mortgage repayable at source from her UBI at £80 a week and she said she would buy a boat with it.

So she’s actually better off financially anyway


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