Take away my vote and give me money instead please.

Its taken as given that under “first past the post” we don’t have equal voting power and therefore we don’t live in a democracy


Even with direct Proportional Representation, we still wouldn’t have a democracy.

The only way to create a true democracy is to give every citizen a sizeable disposable income.

He who has money to buy, has the power to dictate what goods/services are valuable and “worth paying for” and what goods/services are not valuable and not “worth paying for”.

Give every citizen a sizeable disposable income and see what sort of society we create then.

In fact I’d rather live in a society where every citizen has a sizeable disposal income but no voting rights than the other way round.

Why should the privileged few dictate what is valuable and what isn’t.

If you had a sizable disposable income what would you spend it on?


Cameron lies expose

David Cameron won the 2015 UK General Election because he successfully lied to the public by blaming labour instead of the global banking crisis for the recession of 2010.

This post is an account of all the other idiocies, fabrications and outright lies David Cameron comes out with while serving as Prime Minister.

Tuesday 12th May 2015

David “we intend to double free child care”

Truth – Every child is born with 24 hour a day free child care. Its called a parent you dickhead!

Work hard? You mean Earn hard David.

When Cameron says “those who work hard and do the right thing are able to get on.”

He means those who “earn hard” not “work hard” there’s a big difference.

Everyone works at something, but its corporations and companies that decide what work “pays”

He wants us to allow companies and corporations, markets and the few humans who actually have vast wealth to decide what “work” is valuable.

If they decide your work isn’t valuable? Die please!

We live in a world where it doesn’t matter how much demand there is for my skills, products or services, if those who demand my services can’t afford to pay for them, then my services aren’t valuable.

My solution

Gift every citizen an unconditional basic income.

Gift every citizen the resources to survive.

If you could

“Earn hard” doing something a corporation  or market decides it wants you to do


“Work hard” doing something you love and feel passionate about.

Which one creates a better society?