Work hard? You mean Earn hard David.

When Cameron says “those who work hard and do the right thing are able to get on.”

He means those who “earn hard” not “work hard” there’s a big difference.

Everyone works at something, but its corporations and companies that decide what work “pays”

He wants us to allow companies and corporations, markets and the few humans who actually have vast wealth to decide what “work” is valuable.

If they decide your work isn’t valuable? Die please!

We live in a world where it doesn’t matter how much demand there is for my skills, products or services, if those who demand my services can’t afford to pay for them, then my services aren’t valuable.

My solution

Gift every citizen an unconditional basic income.

Gift every citizen the resources to survive.

If you could

“Earn hard” doing something a corporation  or market decides it wants you to do


“Work hard” doing something you love and feel passionate about.

Which one creates a better society?


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