Every avalanche starts as a snowflake.

Every avalanche starts as a snowflake.

Today I am launching The Fun Revolution as a Public Limited Company.

The Fun Revolution Plc  will use all its profits to feed the hungry, house the homeless and care for the sick and disabled.

We will do this by using our net profits to

1. Open a Free food chain of cafes
2. Build Free accommodation
3. Pay for Free health care insurances

If Tesco, Google, Apple and all the major  banks, company’s and corporations around the world already did this, that would be billions upon billions used to eradicate poverty, fight disease, care for the sick and disabled.

The Fun Revolution Plc is not a social enterprise. I intend to earn a very good living running the company as well as paying every company employee at least £15 an hour

All it needs is for people who care about their fellow human beings to buy their goods and services from The Fun Revolution Brand.

Non Fun Revolution branded banks, companies, corporations and the various other I’m all right jacks, would soon find their profits and wages slashed through lack of custom. So much so that even they would soon be buying goods and services from The Fun Revolution chain, further boosting our ability to feed the hungry, house the homeless and care for the sick and disabled.

The first Fun Revolution branded product is “The Secret Fools Ball”

Care to join me?

Let’s start a revolution………


Press Release: New Conservative Party Policy Slogan

After asking Mr Osbourne Who works harder? Stay at home single mother, with a 2 year old, living on benefits
Or A single, no children, traffic warden?

He has explained that although the single mother actually works harder, “working hard and wanting to get on” is all about money?

He has decided to reword the slogan though from

“We stand for people who want to work hard and get on”


“We stand for people who want to earn more money, even if they don’t work as hard or contribute as much to society, as the people who don’t, in fact we are going to make the people who work harder and contribute more, the scapegoats of all societies ills, reduce the money they have to live on, in order to pay the less hard working even more”.

Well done George.

The truth about Markets?

Markets? Markets are not a real thing. They are a mechanism that reflect the desires and opinions of people.

We are not subservient to an ethereal mechanism we decide the rules.

However we live in a society where not everyone has the money to effect what the “market” wants.

Markets are not truly reflective of all the views in society, because not everyone in society has the money to affect the market trend.

Extreme example but what if the psychopaths had all the money and the sane people had no money?

What goods and services would the market value then?

And vice versa?

Two totally different societies would be created, by the same market.

Trouble is were too busy being distracted by slogans that vilify the “hard working” for being lazy.

Distracted by Governments who also, do not truly reflect societies views because electoral systems are undemocratic. Current majority Government has less than 30% of the national vote.

Currently the “market” values a traffic warden more than a single mother.

Is this reflective of everyone in society?

If not, why not?

“Work Hard” or “Earn Hard”?

Saying single mums work hard is easy. I’ve got kids. Its hard work. Enjoyable rewarding wouldn’t change a thing, but it is hard work. It takes a lot of effort, there are a lot of sacrifices to be made.

However I’m interested in the concept of what is work full stop. What is hard work etc. Like I said above, lots of people called lazy are working hard, but not earning hard. 

Were busy stigmatising people as lazy who are not lazy. Were busy looking at them, scapegoating then, blaming them for societies ills. When all they are guilty of is not “earning hard”

Why are they not earning hard?
Why do some people earn harder for less hard work?

What defines whether we as a society reward peoples hard work financially or not?

What makes some “hard work” valuable and some “hard work” not valuable.

What criteria are we using?

More importantly are you happy with that criteria?

Who works harder? Stay at home single mother, with a 2 year old, living on benefits Or A single, no children, traffic warden?

What a stir I seem to have caused posting thus question on facebook

Questioning the assumption in the “people who work hard” slogan of the conservative party that certain people in our population don’t “work hard”

From most peoples definition certain people “single mums” etc do “work hard”. 

The conservative party like to have a go at people who don’t ” work hard” when in fact we seem to be saying they do “work hard”

I would say the slogan should be changed from “people to work hard” to “people who earn hard”.

But its harder to stigmatise someone who works hard but just doesn’t earn hard.

In fact if it became about people who work hard but don’t earn hard, then wed no longer a stigmatise people wrongly as being lazy, we would question why certain hard work isn’t being rewarded.

Is it because the hard work isn’t valuable to society?

If so what’s the criteria for deciding what work is vital and valuable to society and what work isn’t.