The truth about Markets?

Markets? Markets are not a real thing. They are a mechanism that reflect the desires and opinions of people.

We are not subservient to an ethereal mechanism we decide the rules.

However we live in a society where not everyone has the money to effect what the “market” wants.

Markets are not truly reflective of all the views in society, because not everyone in society has the money to affect the market trend.

Extreme example but what if the psychopaths had all the money and the sane people had no money?

What goods and services would the market value then?

And vice versa?

Two totally different societies would be created, by the same market.

Trouble is were too busy being distracted by slogans that vilify the “hard working” for being lazy.

Distracted by Governments who also, do not truly reflect societies views because electoral systems are undemocratic. Current majority Government has less than 30% of the national vote.

Currently the “market” values a traffic warden more than a single mother.

Is this reflective of everyone in society?

If not, why not?


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