Who works harder? Stay at home single mother, with a 2 year old, living on benefits Or A single, no children, traffic warden?

What a stir I seem to have caused posting thus question on facebook

Questioning the assumption in the “people who work hard” slogan of the conservative party that certain people in our population don’t “work hard”

From most peoples definition certain people “single mums” etc do “work hard”. 

The conservative party like to have a go at people who don’t ” work hard” when in fact we seem to be saying they do “work hard”

I would say the slogan should be changed from “people to work hard” to “people who earn hard”.

But its harder to stigmatise someone who works hard but just doesn’t earn hard.

In fact if it became about people who work hard but don’t earn hard, then wed no longer a stigmatise people wrongly as being lazy, we would question why certain hard work isn’t being rewarded.

Is it because the hard work isn’t valuable to society?

If so what’s the criteria for deciding what work is vital and valuable to society and what work isn’t.


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