You have a £20,000 debt on your credit card



You buy a house worth £200,000

You invest £10,000 improving the house.

The house is now worth £240,000

You use the equity to pay off your credit card.

There’s more than one way to reduce the deficit Mr Cameron.


Yes or No?

Stop having Babies, “Invest in a Migrant” instead.

Here’s an idea

Why don’t we all stop having babies and “Invest In A Migrant” instead?

Babies take 18 years to become “productive citizens”. For the first 18 years they are a drain on resources, schools, NHS, housing etc…..

Far better for families to use all the money they spend raising children, and “invest in a migrant” instead.

Migrants can be put to work straight away, in fact rather than being the drain on resources that babies are, they can be “productive citizens” from day one, making them fantastic “investment opportunities”

So stop having babies and “Invest In A Migrant” instead.

You know it makes sense.