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I have disbanded the BIG Political Party (too many hoops to jump through, forms to fill in etc etc….)  and decided to stand as a Monster Raving Loony Candidate in the 2015 General Election instead.




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Feel free to carry on reading below,  if you want to update yourself on the history of my campaign for the Unconditional Basic Income.


Hello. Welcome to The BIG Political Party.

BIG stands for Basic Income Guarantee.

The BIG Political Party will use the Universal Credit System to pay every Resident Adult UK Citizen aged 16 and over, £170 a week in Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee.

You will recieve this Annual Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee whether you are also working in other paid work, non working or retired.

(NB. Children aged 0-15 will be paid £100 a week)

We will field a BIG Political Party candidate in every constituency in the next UK General Election.

The first BIG Political Party campaign involved a single candidate, who changed his name by deed poll to Corrupt Bstard, and ran for office of Mayor of Bristol 2012, with the single manifesto promise, to pay every adult resident of Bristol an Unconditional Basic Income of £15,000 every year.

Do not be fooled by the name. The name change was simply a way of gaining publicity for the campaign. At the time the BIG Political Party was a one man operation and did not have the same funding or party political machine available to compete with the established political parties. The name change generated a media interest, that would otherwise not have existed.

Corrupt Bstard’s campaign for Mayor, gained the media attention and laid the foundations, for The BIG Political Party to grow to the point where it can now field a candidate in every constituency in the next UK General Election.

You can read the story of Corrupt Bstard’s campaign for Mayor on this website, as well as follow The BIG Political Party and its campaign to pay every Resident Adult UK Citizen £11,375 a year in Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee.

Please feel free to check out the FAQ’s about the Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee and The BIG Political Party Manifesto.




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