Press Release

Eric Mutch will be the Monster Raving Loony Party Candidate in the marginal constituency of Kingswood at the General Election on 7th May 2015.

In the 2010 General Election Eric changed his name by deed poll to “Zero- None-Of-The-Above” and stood in Filton & Bradley Stoke constituency.

Zero-None-Of-The-Above promised to resign immediately if he won the seat.

By doing this Eric created history by turning himself into the first official genuine “none of the above” option on a UK ballot paper.

This time Eric wants to offer something positive.

If elected in the 2015 General Election Eric will

1. Pay every UK adult citizen aged 16 and over, whether earning in other paid work, non earning or retired, £170 a week in Tax Free, Unconditional Basic Income. No strings Attached

Note: every UK child citizen aged 0-15 years, will be paid £100 a week in Tax Free Unconditional Basic Income. No strings Attached

2. Cut MP’s pay in half

3. Abolish all MP’s expenses

Funded by

Abolishing Welfare & Pensions. Abolishing Personal Tax Allowance.
Raising Income Tax to 50% on all earned income.

Unconditional Basic Income: FAQ 

1. Wouldn’t it just contribute toward inflation?

If giving every adult £170 a week would contribute to inflation, what would happen if everyone “worked hard and got on” (current Conservative manifesto mantra) and earned an extra £170 a week? Would that also be eaten up in inflation? If so “working hard and getting on” is just as pointless as giving everyone an unconditional basic income.


2. Wouldn’t it undermine the incentive to work?

It does exactly the opposite. It incentivises work, because it abolishes the benefits trap. Anyone doing any form of paid work will always be better off than someone subsisting on their Tax Free Unconditional Basic Income.

It also frees the entrepreneurial spirit in every citizen

3. Why Give Everyone an Unconditional Basic Income?

A. Students would be free to study at Uni

B. Stay at home parents would be free to nurture their own children.

C. Budding entrepreneurs would be free to develop their ideas and products and help provide the solutions to some of the critical situations we face as a species.

4. Will I be financially better off?

If, for example, your annual salary is £14,000, you currently take home £13,200 every year. (after paying 20% income tax)

With the tax free unconditional basic income you get £7,000 (after paying 50% income tax) + £8,840 (tax free unconditional basic income) taking home £15,840 every year.

So, with Unconditional Basic Income You’re £2,640 a year better off

That’s over £50 a week!!!!!!!!

Wanna know how much better off you will be?

Why not try our New Net Income Calculator

Step 1. How much is half your annual salary?

Step 2. Add £8,840

Step 3. Total is your new net annual salary.

Obviously if there are two adults in your household you both need to do this calculation separately. Then add the two totals together.

Also add £5,200 per child in your household aged 0-15 years.

If you have a child living with you who is 16+ they will also need to do steps 1, 2 & 3.

Divide by 12 for your new monthly income.

Divide by 52 for your new weekly income

Would you be better off?

All this is additional to the fact that every citizen will live in a healthier, better educated, dynamic, creative, innovative society, with substantially reduced crime.


5. What is your  fully costed plan detailing how the Tax Free Unconditional Basic Income would be paid for and implemented?

Based on these figures from the citizens income trust

The cost of implementing the Tax Free Unconditional Basic Income. No strings Attached is £508 billion


51 million adults aged over 16 to be paid £170 a week = £450 billion

11 million children aged 0-15 to be paid £100 a week = £58 billion


The money to pay the Tax Free Unconditional Basic Income, No strings Attached, can be raised like this

Abolish current benefits system = £204 billion

Raise income tax from 20% to 50% = £132 billion

Abolish personal tax allowance = £170 billion

Abolish housing benefit = £25 billion


Total raised = £531 billion

Total spent = £508 billion




A budget surplus of £23 Billion


Enough to treble the UK transport budget!


For more information about the unconditional basic income, please visit this web site


Donate to help fund #BetterVoteMutch

Twitter: @Eric_Mutch


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