What would you do "Just For The Love Of It"?

So, The Great BIG Loony gives you an Unconditional Weekly Basic Income of £170

You are now free to do stuff, “Just For The Love Of It”.

What Would You Do?



7 thoughts on “What would you do "Just For The Love Of It"?

  1. I would keep on doing citizen journalism. Making crowdsourced investigations and write about important concerns and ideas for people. All for free.

  2. I would sit in College Green and write stories about long ago in Bristol during the day, and in the evenings would listen to music and make music with my friends. I would work with kids in my community teaching them about the woods and creating veg and fruit gardens with them and planting trees. I would fix up my bike and ride it.

  3. I would carry on working because I wouldn’t be able to live off just £15,000 and maintain the same standard of living as I have now. I have debts to pay and I like travelling, going out, good food and wine and my current hobby is photography – all costs money. But I wouldn’t feel like I HAD to work full time anymore. I think this would give me a huge sense of freedom and control of my life. I would consider going part time and who knows what I’d do with the rest of it?

  4. I’d carry on gardening and doing tree work… I’d teach others about what I do & how important it is to us, not just environmentally, but also on a mental health level.. I’d paint and continue to create artwork on my computer. I’d lead woodland walks and teach people about trees and the ecosystems they create. I’d ride my bike. I’d visit friends I haven’t seen in a long time due to lack of finances. I’d start practising yoga again. I’d enjoy the company of my friends and family more. We all need to break out from being wage slaves.. Paid work, a mortgage on your life…

  5. I wouldn’t change a thing – I would continue with training to be a secondary teacher of citizenship and hopefully go on to work with underprivileged kids and their political participation, both in the UK and abroad. I already live well and happily (for the last four years) on a student loan/grant plus some part-time work so my citizens basic income would be split between saving money for my future, and donating a significant amount to charitable projects both at home and abroad:)

  6. I’m a carer/support worker by trade. I would still do this job because it’s a job I love. Ironically the basic income above is probably about the same as what I get doing this job full time. It’s not a well-paid industry. But I’d love to see a fundamental shift in the values of our society to where money is no longer regarded as most people’s main motivation in life. We each only have one life and we spend the vast majority of it working, many of us in jobs we dislike, or for poverty wages, or in less than ideal employment conditions. The basic income would ensure everyone could live with dignity, and could have greater choice and freedom in how they spend their time and what they do with their one, precious life. For instance the basic annual income would give people greater freedom to travel and have other experiences that would help them broaden their horizons. At the moment such opportunities are ONLY available to the rich as ordinary employed folk can’t afford to “get off the treadmill,” which seems fundamentally wrong. There’s more to life than working long hours, only to barely be able to afford to survive.

  7. I would continue to work at the project I work on now, perhaps part time, which is a conservation project teaching gardening, growing, cooking, landscaping and woodwork to people with mental health issues and learning disabilities, and continue to write about women’s issues. I would have the freedom to perhaps set up a project abroad, if I had a basic income. I would spend more time knitting, crocheting and creating, and growing vegetables, and out enjoying the outdoors with my dog.

    I don’t earn much more than that basic income doing what I do now, but I love it far more than I ever loved the corporate world. I had more money, but couldn’t actually make use of it by doing what I like to do.

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